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"Knowledge itself is power", F. Bacon

You have the ability to get the way to the source of that power, which has been being formed more than 20 years based on experience of amateurs, competitors and on experience of my own preparations.

An opinion of overall bodybuilding NAC World champion 2010 Dmitry Shishkin


Make your question formed, fill the form of the message, don’t forget to add a data of your payment (we could descuss the way of the payment), and I’ll answer to you in some time.

A single consultation (2 question maximum) € 100
An analysis of a weekly split of all body parts € 200
An analysis of a diet
(a necessity of the using of supplements)
€ 200
A monthly supervision € 350
A contest preparation € 2600


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Overall bodybuilding NAC World champion 2010

Medicine PhD

Dmitry Shishkin

«I thought that the best trainer for me is me myself. I need just to learn and to read more, to train more because nobody feel my body better then me, I thought. So 12 years of my career in sport had passed. I spoke to other sportsmen, I tried to use their ideas at some contests, but still thought that it could be wise to go to the main contest by the familiar way with no risk.

I had the conversation with Alexander Khaykin one year out of World Championships 2010. I thought at that time that it was just some ideas more. I could try to use it, I could not. There were no advises too much, he said just to change the split with some special way. But how I was exciting when my hard gained arms and lats started grow! It could be silly to ignore his advises after it and we started to communicate more often. I was e-mailing to him my photos, weekly splits and diet lists, he analyzed them and corrected them in cases of necessity. Comparisons of photos of previous and the last preparations showed the progress in getting mass and getting shape.

There were no seasons better then that one. I with Alexander won all of contests I participated at from the regional one to World Championships. I’d like to try to compete as a NAC professional next time and I’ll be glad if Alexander will be there on stage. It’d more reasons to communicate each other. So two heads are much better then one.»