Mr. President of FBBRT
Mr. President of FBBK
Mr. World champion 2006
Mr. Universe 2007 overall


Full name: Alexander Mikhailovitch Khaykin

Date of birth: January 1974 the 8th

Place of birth: Kazan, USSR

Year of the start of the training: 1989

Year of the start of the competing: 2003

Education: degree with honor of Kazan State Technical University (KAI), economist

Occupation: executive director of Dynamite Gym fitness center, president of FBF RT, president of NAC RF

Marital status: married, a father of three

Instead of my Bio

I wasn't be able to train on the sports classes from 10 to 15 years old because of my knees.  So doctors who knew me at that time hardly believed that I could be able to do some sports I think. But a bodybuilding…

My trainers. I'm lucky

In 1989th when I saw some photos of one American actor with German family name pronounced hard from "Predator" and "Commando" in "Soviet Screen" magazine, the school teacher of physical culture Nikolay Sergeevitch was my trainer.

In 1991st when I came in University's Gym for the first time and asked "Who is a trainer?" they started to laugh but they said to ask for Alexander Kozub, who became my trainer and from whom I heard about weekly split, about schedule of eating etc.

In 1995th when I came in my first "Big" Gym (Electron Gym in Kazan) Igor Germanovitch Belyakov (he's dead now) ruled me in competitions (power lifting at that time).

In 2001st the Destiny acquainted me with Pavel Simonov (it's pity but he's dead now too). He made me believed that the dream of 80kg fan of bodybuilding to be on stage could be the true.

In 2003rd  I was on stage for my first time powered by Pavel. It was a season of mistakes which I tried to avoid in the future. There were some successful for me contests too. I won two prestigious international titles in 2006th and in 2007th. I started a long "vocation" after it again when I prolonged to promote my business, my consultations, my journalism and my work as a sports official.

Achievements in sports

2003 Open Cup of Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan, Russia), 1st place, overall winner

2003 RABBA National Cup (Tomsk, Russia), 2nd place, 1st place in "couples" category

2003 WABBA World Championships (Graveline, France), 10th place

2006 NABBA International World Championships (Benidorm, Spain), 1st place

2007 NAC International Mr. Universe (Hamburg, Germany), 1st place, overall winner


Since 2005 President of Federation of Bodybuilding of Republic of Tatarstan

Since 2017 President of Federation of Bodybuilding of Kazan


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